The Air Show - Wiley Post: The World's First Astronaut

Episode 05

In this episode of The Air Show, we take a trip to the Oklahoma HIstory Center to talk about aerospace pioneer, Wiley Post. Yuri Gagarin may have been the first man in space, but that doesn't mean he was the world's first astronaut. Without Wiley Post's contributions to pressure suit technology, manned flights in space wouldn't have been possible.


The Time to Run & The War in My Head Dexter Britain

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Video production made with pride in Oklahoma.

Wichita Mountain Blues

Oklahoma has mountains, believe it or not...

I finally got the chance to do an overnight stay on a video trip! I actually booked two separate jobs for the Army base at Ft. Sill in Lawton, Oklahoma. When they scheduled back to back shoots, I knew I could stay down there and play around in the Wichita Mountains and shoot some footage-something that I've always wanted to do.

The Wichita Mountains aren't big. They've been worn down over many millennia. One of my favorite things about Oklahoma is the varied geography. There are many places that, if someone just dropped you there and asked you to name what state you were in, you wouldn't be able to name where you were. The Wichita Mountains are one of those places. It feels like the idyllic Old West from a Hollywood movie. There are buffalo but they are a bit camera shy. The prairie dogs, who are not camera shy, have their own turnout and you can park right next to them. I didn't get the chance to go that far into the reserve, but I will in a later visit.

The drive up Mount Scott is amazing. There are several turnouts on the way up. The view from the top is a wonderful change of pace from the rolling hills and plains of Central Oklahoma. Again, the rock formations, wild flowers, and cacti make it feel more like the Southwest than the plains.

When you're done exploring the Wichitas, head up to Meers for a hamburger and check out the seismographs. Believe it or not, Oklahoma is seismically active.

DC on Film Row - Teaser

A Free Event Space for the Creative Community!

video405 was approached by Dunlap Codding, a patent, copyright, & trademark law firm in Oklahoma City, to create a video to promote their free event space to the creative community. This 1:00m internet spot is the first in a series of videos Indian Head will produce. For more information, go to

Music: Podington Bear Song: Fives

Video production made with pride in Oklahoma.

Moore Love OK - Tornado Benefit Concert

Staying #MooreStrong

Moore Love OK is a tornado benefit concert on August 24 at 7pm in the Bricktown Hotel & Convention Center.

For more information go to

Video production made with pride in Oklahoma.

Barre 3 - Classen Curve

 From the Archives...

This commercial is cut from a previous project at Barre 3 for KFOR's Marketplace website.

Music: Podington Bear Song: Lola

Video production made with pride in Oklahoma.

Premiere on Film Row

Fun Friday in Oklahoma Video Production.

This is a promo for Final Friday on Film Row - a great new event the last Friday of every month on Oklahoma City's historic Film Row. It's hosted by all the businesses in the Film Exchange District. Hope to see you there!

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Red Bud Classic 2013

Running with Oklahoma Video Production!

This commercial took me over a year to complete. Why? Because the footage was shot during last year's Red Bud Classic and they just recently asked for the edit to get put together. I went with a fun split screen style with lots of dynamic motion. I also leaned on Crumplepop's Transimatic transitions to create the cool swinging text and graphics.

All work done while at Grapevine Media.

Found Causes "Touchstone"

Climbing with Oklahoma Video Production!

The first segment of Found Causes Season 3 scales to lofty heights! I edited the Touchstone segment. Touchstone introduces the sport of climbing to kids in need of a mentor or caring adult. The principles of climbing are applied to life such as overcoming challenges, doing well in school, taking on responsibility, going to college, etc. Touchstone is hosted by Rocktown Climbing Gym in what used to be a grain silo in downtown Oklahoma City.

This was a challenging edit for me because I had less than a week to turn around the segment and the episode. However, we got it finished with time to spare and I think the episode looks great.

All work done at Grapevine Media.

Found Causes "DSACO"

Walking for Oklahoma Video Production

I edited this segment for our show, Found Causes, featuring DSACO, (Down Syndrome Association of Central Oklahoma) a group dedicated to education and advocacy for people with Down Syndrome.

This amazing organization provides support to the Down Syndrome community. They help expecting parents who have gotten a possible diagnosis of Down Syndrome as well as parents who have had or adopted children with Down Syndrome. DSACO also is an advocate for people with Down Syndrome in the community, schools, and the work force. Their annual Buddy Walk is a great gathering of the community.

All work completed at Grapevine Media.

Found Causes "Jubilee Partners"

After School with Oklahoma Video Production

I edited this segment for our show, Found Causes, for Jubilee Partners, an inner-city after-school program. On the outskirts of downtown Oklahoma City, Jubilee is providing after-school support to kids in the inner city. The neighborhood is surrounded with industrial development with no real spaces for kids to play. Jubilee provides the community center the area so desperately needed.

All work completed at Grapevine Media.