That time I went back to my alma mater  to help with 24-hour film race...

Friendenstein was the product of a 24-hour film race hosted at my alma mater, Oklahoma City University.  It was fun going back to the campus to shoot and meet the new kids coming up behind me.  With it being Halloween weekend and a theme of 'Creation', a riff on Frankenstein was only natural.  Our line was "Don't worry.  This will all be over soon." and our prop was duct tape.

Shot on an HMC-150 and HMC-40, edited in Final Cut Pro 7, and colored with Magic Bullet Looks.

Three Little Words

All's Fair in Love & Oklahoma Video Production

This is the second short film I did while I was at Oklahoma City University. I wanted to explore the idea of what happens when some poor schmuck screws up the classic 'I love you' moment and the people around him chime in to tell him how they would have done it. What was great was that I was able to build on the lessons I learned from the first short I did that just a few months prior. It was also my first time to shoot any green screen footage so it was very helpful to learn how to do that while still in school.

My First Short Film: Extras...

Discovering a Star in Oklahoma Video Production

This is the first short film I did while I was at Oklahoma City University. It also happens to be my last SD project ever. The idea was more of an exercise in filmmaking; I hadn't made anything in several years and I wanted to get my feet wet again before trying something more ambitious (see: Three Little Words).

Art in a Bottle

Earning a Degree Oklahoma Video Production! 

Art in a Bottle is my capstone film in the Moving Image Arts Program at Oklahoma City University.  As with most capstones, I was tasked with taking on the majority of the essential roles of film production: writing, producing, directing, editing.  I had the privilege of being the first to attempt a capstone in the program.

Other students helped fill in the crew and I used my long-time friend Russell Macway to light the film. The shoot happened over the course of a weekend with a couple quick pick up shoot a few weeks later.  Being crunched on time, post-production occurred in the space of three weeks to meet the deadline for graduation.  While the film was accepted with high marks, I later went back and had the sound reworked with Red Chair Productions in Oklahoma City.