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Hi! I'm a commercial and corporate filmmaker based on the prairies of Oklahoma. Owner of video405.

Have camera. Will travel.



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about patrick

BFA, Film & Video Production | Oklahoma City University

Over nearly half a decade of study, Patrick learned from notables such as Fritz Kiersch, director of Children of the Corn, and Gray Fredrickson, producer of the Godfather Trilogy. Patrick has worked locally in the Oklahoma City market as a grip, camera operator, and editor. He has directed a number of short films and commercial projects and aspires to do more.

When not in the editing suite or on set, Patrick can be found relaxing at local sporting events or playing a round of golf. He is particularly fond of poker and has been known to frequent the local casinos. Patrick also experiments with cooking and can make a mean batch of tacos. Among things he still would like to accomplish, Patrick hopes to fly to the moon one day and get into an old fashioned pistols at dawn duel; preferably both at the same time.



Brian Gililland - Filmmaker | Co-owner Indian Head Pictures

Jacob Leighton Burns - Director | Cinematography

Sonia Taylor Kirk - My mom has a blog. Come on, it's the 21st Century...

Tinasha LaRayé - Actress | Filmmaker

Zach Burns - Photographer | Jacob's brother

Found Causes - Awesome show about non-profits I used to work on.


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There are a couple ways to get a hold of Patrick.

The first way is go down to the wharf and find a bar called One Legged Pete's. Order a rusty nail from the bartender and tell him after your second sip you once knew a woman named Roberta. He'll tell you to head to the back and knock three times on the door at the end of the hallway. The password is 'turtledove'.

Now, you'll have the pleasure of meeting One Legged Pete himself.

  • DON'T look him in the eye.

  • DON'T ask about the leg.

  • DON'T ask him what happened to his other eye.

  • DO take a swig from the jug of rot-gut moonshine he hands you.

You don't want to know what happens if you refuse. Pete will ask you for 'the message'. Hand him a slip of paper no larger than a fortune cookie that you prepared earlier saying 'I'm in need of expertly crafted cinema'.

He will take you to the roof and fix the message to a carrier pigeon. Return two days later ON THE EXACT HOUR you first arrived for further instructions.

Or you can call or email Patrick:



...but where's the fun in that?